Why Wombit?

We deliver value. For every project, we pour our heart and soul into your polished product. To deliver a polished computer product, we are fanatical about the details.
Hardware FLEXibility
Cloud computing can be great but it is not always a fit for data privacy goals or even cost. Our cloud experts work with you to determine the perfect place to host.

If the Cloud isn't ideal, our best foundation starts with stable hardware. We can use your hardware vendor or recommend a beefy Supermicro server. We like Supermicro for quality and location. The Bay Area presence makes hardware instantly available.
Secure, Stable, Scalable
For servers, we start with a stable version of Linux: Debian, Red Hat, and Centos are our favorites. Then we add stable LAMP components with a precise configuration. The configuration is focused on security. A secure system is a stable system. A stable system makes everyone happy. Your product just works and our support queue remains empty.
For coding or consulting projects like addons or upgrades, we only take jobs that we are sure will work. Once our technical sales team has signed off on a project's plausability, we start working on a high level plan of attack. The plan is translated into a sales quotation. The quote cover's the necessary steps with backout options at every major stage. We guarrantee your goals are achieved or there is no charge.