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Professional Services

We can fix, add, or build a new system on your hardware.

Our work is guaranteed. We have the expertise to fix audio quality, implement an effective dialplan, or build a global call center. While providing consulting, we note and offer to fix security issues for free.

Call us today for better communications tomorrow.


We are experts in Asterisk and will fix any build on Linux, Solaris, or FreeBSD. We work with all GUI's, Traditional flat files and Realtime architecture.

GUI List: FreePBX, AsteriskNow, AstBill, AstGUIclient and Vicidial, A2billing, Callweaver (Openpbx), Queuestats, Asterisk-stat CDR, Flash Operator Panel (FOP), Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI).

Freepbx clones are also fully supported: Elastix, Click4PBX, AsteriskNow, PBXinaFlash, Trixbox.


Add users, trunks, or features.

We can add features through existing GUI's or custom programming. We can also recommend and install free software to implement:

A call center, calling card platform, standard PBX, multi-tenant PBX, operator console, auto campaign dialer, click to dial from any webpage, click to dial Outlook integration, Outlook integration with voicemail to email, queue monitoring and statistical analysis, callerid popups, customer information popups, Skype integration, smart cell phone and iphone integration, billing reports, call reports, conference call management, voicemail webpage, wake-Up calls with web and phone scheduling.


We can build a PBX remotely on your existing hardware. Recycle an OLD pc and turn it into a NEW PBX. We guarantee the software. If the hardware dies, we will rebuild on a new server for free. This is our highest savings possible. We include:
-Voice Network Design with a convergence assessment of your existing data network. Voice networks require expert design to ensure consistent call quality, scalability, security, and reliability. A convergence readiness assessment tests the current infrastructure for a possible combined data and voice networks. The analysis includes: peak concurrent calls, packet per second throughput, QOS options, data throughput, redundancy options, and overall equipment assessments.
-Costs assessment - Compare current and future telecommunications costs. You can save a lot of money and appear larger with our standard enterprise features. Includes initial price, recurring costs, and estimated telecommunications fees.