Asterisk PBX

Our dialplans minimize frustration with quick accurate connections.

Our standard PBX server includes 3 web interfaces for:
  • Administration with FreePBX
  • Call records with AsteriskCDR
  • Employee portal with ARI
We offer traditional and modern approaches to voice service. If you require the 5 9's of uptime(99.999%), a traditional inhouse LAN VoIP server with a PRI connection is a wise choice. Otherwise, an all VoIP solution is a modern dependable solution. We provide flexible options for:
  • Location
  • Hardware
  • Support

We can host and manage your server. The server can be provided by us/you/cloud. Support is included for one year. During the first year of included support, we have a flexible approach.

We can perform the changes or we can personalize documention for your server and let you change the system yourself. Either way, we train you to administer your PBX. We always provide administration training during the first two weeks after an installation goes live.

We build hearty servers to future proof your purchase. Many cheap hardware options exist for asterisk. These poorly planned hardware options usually hit a hard limit that cannot be fixed in software. The limit may be 15 concurrent calls, or 500 total voicemails. We build scalable servers and double all parts with the lowest M.T.B.F. (hard drives and power supplies). This ensures that you pay once by not hitting any silly hardware limitations.